In Response to the Recent Targeting of Myself and Another Individual

I will continue my support of Julian Assange and Wikileaks regardless to the current allegations that I am not a supporter but simply a troll.  It doesn’t matter if you hate me or not, my heart is not changed by other’s direct targeting.  Divide and Conquer is the psyops used by the US government to destroy Wikileaks support. I will not fall victim to this style of childish hatred and mayhem.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks has my utmost respect due to the fact they tell the truth.  They are my heroes and are the people I look up to.  Very few people have my total respect let alone my sincere devotion and backing.  Christmas is coming and I would hope that peace on earth will prevail amongst all of us. If this cannot then so be it. I can only control my own behavior and no one else’s attitudes or feelings.

Currently, we need to support Julian all the more as his 7 year detainment anniversary is right around the corner. Why is this man not free yet?  Why does the US government continue to harass and seek his arrest? This man is a publisher and editor nothing else.  He is no different than the editor of any national newspaper except that the CIA wants to bring his organization down for exposing the truth.

Please donate to or

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