Perfect World

In my perfect world…

There would be no hunger, no disease and on one would go out without

There would be no greed or evil or violence or crime

In my perfect world…

There would be no more wars, people would love and never hate

No one would go without healthcare, or medicine,

In my perfect world…

Money would not exist and the garbage man would be considered no less than the president

People would live in peace, and everyone would contribute, there would be no need for welfare

In my perfect world…

Governments would not need to exist, there would be no establishment or deep state or prisons because there would be no crime

There would be no envy, jealousy or strife and no one would ever betray one another

In my perfect world…

The mentally insane would be stable, no one would suffer, the homeless would have shelter and respect

Death would be in your sleep and no one would hurt or cry or feel unwanted or alone

In my perfect world…maxresdefault.jpg


But there is no such thing as a perfect world. People hate, they envy, they backstab and they murder one another. Crime is everywhere and so is war. People die every day from lack of food while others eat until they are obese.  People go without healthcare, proper medications. Diseases run rampant. People do not have clean water or shelter. Our governments are corrupt and criminal and lie to us.

“What can I do,” You ask, ” I am just one person,” You can stand up and donate your time and money. You can write letters to Congressman and the President. You can help expose coruption and stop overlooking injustice in this world. Feed the poor. Give them water.  Stop ignoring the wars. Stand up for what is right and leave your comfort zone. It is the only way…World-Chaos



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