The Censoring of Randy Credico; Radio Personality

Some of you may know the story about WBAI and it’s issues at the Empire State building, but you haven’t heard the story of their censoring their own broadcasters and getting rid of those they don’t like. It truly makes you question when they fired him in October what their true motives were. Were they based on Randy covering so much of WikiLeaks? Interviewing Julian Assange’s mom? Did Deep State pressure the radio station or are they just creeps?  Many of us listened to his radio commentary “On the Fly” and enjoyed it.  Randy has a way of putting things that other radio show hosts don’t, so why fire him?uw2qu-ns.jpg

It started with moving Reverend Billy’s time slot. He was well known to be on at Thursday at 5 pm and they decided to move him to Sunday at 8 am.  Billy didn’t want to be moved so they let him go. Randy stood up for him. There is conflict with Tony Bates the Interim PD and most of the WBAI employees. Not to mention current management didn’t even have the decency to attend a memorial for a long time employee, Therese Choron, who died at age 55 of cervical cancer.  What kind of decent radio station ignores such a travesty?

According to Poof! Credico was Gone article Randy Credico is quoted as saying:

It is f’ng outrageous that Pacifica allows WBAI to continue employing Tony Bates as interim PD. I’ve been holding back while the Empire State Building travesty was unfolding, so as not to divert energies. But Pacifica’s lack of proper supervision of those in its employ are a large part of the reason why WBAI (and other stations) are in the terrible shape they’re in. (at the time I wrote former ED Margy Wilkinson about the critical importance of supervising negotiations between the GM and and ESB. She did nothing, and that’s partly why we are where we are.)a - RandyCredico_0.png

I would most certainly like to point out as fan that Randy has done more than just be a radio personality and show host but has ran for public office as well as spoke, (or maybe the term yelled would be more accurate), for the reform of the injustices of the United States’ current imprisonment policies.  He basically single-handedly took it upon himself to see these laws changed.  He was also a star on the comedy circuit and even appeared on “The Tonight Show: Starring Johnny Carson.”  This man is no stranger to standing up for what is right.

However, it seems anyone who affiliates with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange is brought down quickly and I do believe this is part of the reason WBAI did what it did other than just being a terrible radio station who does not value its employees.  Take a look at other associates of WL and its publisher.  Allies such as Caitlin Johnstone, and Trevor Fitzgibbon.  Even I have been targeted and attacked for my support of WikiLeaks.

By systematically targeting allies and supporters, the US government is hoping to shut down the voice of truth.  However, people like myself and Randy Credico will not be silenced so easily.

Support Randy and other supporters. Follow Randy on Twitter @Credico2016.  Follow me @ Smokes_Angel Support those of us who give a damn about the truth and will not be sillenced with fear tactics!randy-c.jpg

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