Why We Should Support Catalonia Independence

Catalonia declared independence from Spain this week and the greedy, corrupt government does not like it at all.  The people of Catalonia are fed up with anti-democratic, fascist Spanish state.  They are tired of oppression and being dealt with as underclass citizens.  The only problem is that Spain has the strength of arms and the brutal mindset to overthrow their independence even though the Catalan people are willing to give their lives for independence._98381503_mediaitem98381502.jpg

Catalonia contributes 22% of Spain’s taxes. Spain is already in economic trouble and the loss of 22% of their revenue would hurt them greatly.  Money is the root of their brutal fight against the Catalan independence. It seems cash flow is at the root of all the world’s problems anymore but more so for these peaceful Catalans.

By standing up for the self-determination of these wonderful people, many supporters have found themselves being attacked as Russian disinformation agents and names that are much worse by the people of Spain.  I am one of them but I am proud to stand up for people who are willing to put their own lives down to fight against oppression. Standing up for what is right is not always easy.

Unfortunately, many governments are not supporting Catalonia in it’s endeavor. The few that have, like Scotland, are few and far between.  The Spanish PM has announced it will remove from office the Catalan government, dissolve the Catalan parliament and hold re-elections on Dec 21st in reaction to the declaration of independence. It also has decided to seize all public media and telecommunications in an act of cruel, unjust control.images (1).jpg

Julian Assange has warned, ” Spanish big media have now taken EU, U.S., etc endorsements and are broadcasting them in montages creating a sense of impunity for the arrests and violence to come.” 

The United States needs to get behind the Catalan people for one reason. We are supposed to stand for democracy and a free world.  In 1776, we declared independence from Briain for much the same reasons.  Constantly our government invades other countries in the name of supposed freedom and democracy, only to cause chaos and unwanted violence. It is time we do something right for a change.

Please write Congress and the President in support of the people of Catalonia.catalonia_calella.jpg



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