The Disgusting Violent Acts of Spain Against the Peaceful People of Catalonia

When Catalonia cried for freedom from the oppressive government of Spain, Spain reacted as any totalitarian government would react, they attempted to stop them.  Catalonia called for a referendum which was voted on October 1st of this year but not without attempts by the government to stop it.  The Spanish government tried to shut down polling places, censor their internet, shut down internet sites regarding the vote, sent it police to literally beat them down and other suppression techniques.  This did not stop the Catalan people who want to be free!59d16090fc7e936d118b4567.jpg

Yesterday, the President of Catalan signed a declaration of independence only to put off it’s effect to try and talk with Spain.  The Spanish government reacted with more disciplinary actions by arresting the Catalan police chiefs and putting out warrants for the mayor of Barcelona. They also have now stationed Spanish war boats in the harbors of Catalonia.  Where is the outrage from the EU or any European government? What about the US?DLQ_vyaWsAAAlvx.jpgDLRj1YLWsAAAGOT.jpg3h3YDS8X.jpg

This is a disgusting display of a totalitarian government that wishes to use it’s sheer will to stop these peaceful people from declaring a much needed independence.  Spain has also attempted to stop news from getting out about their atrocities.  Their police have beaten women and the elderly while dressed in riot gear and over 800 people were injured on October 1st just for wanting to vote. Threats to the President and the people have ensued. DLhn7_-X0AA1WZU.jpg

I find this completely disgusting and unethical. It takes a brutal, cruel heartless bastard to hurt women and the elderly while dressed in riot gear.  What kind of police are these men to commit violence against innocent people who simply want to vote?  It hurts my heart and makes me wonder what is to come for the wonderful, peaceful people of Catalonia.  May God bless their endeavor and help them to succeed!

Please, please if you are from elsewhere look into this and tell others so that the world know.  The pain and agony of this people must be known worldwide. The hatred shown by this supposed democratic government must be exposed. The lies of the Spanish government must be brought to light before they completely squash this people with their violence.DLH6Z4sXUAENlSk

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