The Evil Today..

With over 50 deaths and over 500 injured, how can anyone say with good conscience that it is okay because it was mostly Conservative Trump voters who got shot?  Where is the compassion? The sympathy? The unity?  The US today is divided with hatred that is no longer just a political matter but a spiritual one on the highest level.  Wishing evil on someone or celebrating the death of people based on religious or political affiliation is wrong regardless of what you believe!

It’s not just one sided hatred either. I hear it from both sides.  People calling people names and wishing ill on one another just because they don’t agree with them.  There is political divide, racial divide and hatred brewing on every street corner.  This is not good at all.  Hatred breeds violence, blood shed and death.  It eats you up inside and leaves you with nothing. This has to end!

Is this really what the generation of Make Love Not War bred or is it the generation of the 80’s, 90’s?  What we do is a reflection of who we are.  Stop fighting amongst yourself and unite against evil! Unite against the Deep State and corruption and crime.  Why is that so difficult?

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