A Letter Regarding Julian Assange to Malcolm Turnbull

Dear Sir:

I am writing to you in regards to a hero from your country that is being inhumanely detained by the UK government, Julian Assange.  He is a citizen of Australia as I am sure you fully know and is completely innocent as a publisher and journalist. His love for human rights, truth and justice has unfairly kept him hostage in the Ecuadorian Embassy in Knightsbridge, London for over 5 years and he has been detained without charge for almost 7.  It is cruel and unusual punishment to keep him from having sunlight this long as well as no proper medical care.

This is a citizen of your country and you should be outraged by the treatment he is receiving.  A true Prime Minister who stands for his country also stands up for it’s citizens and fights to keep them from having their human rights infringed upon.  This man has done nothing but fight for truth and justice and for people’s rights.  He has published documents given to him willingly by whistleblowers who saw corruption in their own governments.

The UN has ruled twice that his detainment is illegal and a violation of his human rights and the UK has done nothing but continue to detain him.  You also stand by as this man’s health slowly deteriorates by his detainment.  Do you understand what isolation does to a person?  The health risks?

Many supporters are outraged by this violation against him and feel he is a hero and should receive awards for the work he does.  Instead of awards, he is stuck in a room the size of most people’s living rooms as his quarters and never gets to feel the warm sun or exercise properly as even prisoners do.  Prisoners get an hour outside a day!

This is an outrage and an atrocity. I ask as a supporter of Assange, who is my hero, that you fight for his freedom as a compassionate Prime Minister and call on the British government to allow him safe passage to Ecuador if not home to Australia.  I also ask you stand up to the US government and tell them you are outraged by their targeting of a Australian citizen.

Thank you

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