The Ongoing Fight for Truth

From the very beginning of time, there has been lies and cover ups.  In recent years, the lies are often covered up by the government and it’s supporting media.  Ten years ago, an organization was formed to expose these lies named Wikileaks and it has been a fight ever since.  A fight by the organization itself against corruption and the governments who seek to silence it, a fight by supporters to stop the persecution and a fight by country’s official to stop it from publishing.  What is the fight really about?  Let me explain.wikileaks flames.gif

Your officials will probably tell you it’s about “classified” documents and intelligence being put out in the public that is dangerous. They will lie to cover their own lies and deceit from the public knowing the truth about what they really are involved in behind closed doors. Some may tell you it is about the disclosure of military intel and was illegal.  Some may even argue it is about endangering soldiers.  This is not true.

Wikileaks never endangered anyone with their publications.  They exposed war crimes, criminality in goverment, violations of human rights, election fraud and governments influencing conflict.  They disclosed how leaders have been overthrown by outside sources that should have never been involved in the first place.  Wikileaks is anti-war and pro-human rights.  They publish the truth. They open governments.

I think the last paragraph explains a lot why there is such hatred towards them by state authorities. No one who commits a crime wants it to be public knowledge. They fear it so they try to bring anyone down who might uncover the truth. Wikileaks has power because of this and they don’t like it. They have media tell lies and sell propaganda about this truthful organization.  Currently, the US Congress has added a referendum calling Wikileaks a “nonstate hostile intelligence agency” in order to defame and destroy them.

Supporters and fans alike fight against this and small victories are occasionally won.  Often times, followers are attacked on social media and occasionally spied on.  Money donated to the organization has been held by the feds.  False allegations and an attempt to extradite Julian Assange to the United States was attempted and failed.  Currently, there is an ongoing to fight to free Mr. Assange from the Ecuadorian Embassy where he is currently detained due to the British government.

I would also like to add for those in doubt that the documents and publications released by Wikileaks are true, that not once in it’s ten years existence have they had to retract a story due to it being inaccurate.  Not once have the officials who produced these documents and cables ever expressed that they were false.  Only false accusations of where they have come from have come to the light.

Another fabrication by the top leaders is that Wikileaks has committed espionage and obtained these records from foreign entities such as Russia.  In each case, allegations have been denied and often proven otherwise.  The email leaks during the election of 2016 have been in the news since November.  KimDotCom alleges that Seth Rich was the one who gave the DNC leaks to Wikileaks but that is yet to be proven as the government will not allow his evidence to be brought to light.

So the fight for Julian and Wikileaks wages on and allies of the organization continue to confront the propaganda and lies told about them.  Lawyers for Wikileaks continue their legal battles and management continues to report the truth to the masses.

Which side are you on?russia-info-warfare2

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