Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

After two years of war, soldiers in Yemen have not received pay in many months and their families are nearly starving, living mostly on yogurt and milk.  Children are malnourished and have little clean water. Cholera is claiming 2000 people a month. Most establishment such as hospitals have been brought literally to their knees. This disease is completely preventable and treatable but in Yemen, health care is scarce and supplies limited.  _92853030_cd3cd143-57e4-44b6-83c4-1ba98b54efda.jpg

1 in every 45 Yemenites have been struck with Cholera and more than 7 million people face the reality of starvation in the near future. Working medical centers are almost non-existent and those in place lack supplies and are not fully functional. If that is not enough, many deaths are due to the constant bombing of the country. The UN has titled Yemen as the worst and largest humanitarian crisis in the world and there is much truth in this very statement.

Saudi Arabia’s intervention has led a trail of blood and death and famine.  What was originally a political struggle for power has become a fight between Saudi’s and Iran, with disease and hunger killing the innocent.  The two warring parties must ease restrictions and allow supplies and food to be brought in to those in need. There seems to be no end in sight for the conflict of the two sides and no relief in sight for the poor people of Yemen.

The US government is a primary arms dealer with Saudi Arabia and so is partially at fault for this war. Though the US military is not involved directly, it is guilty of supporting the Saudis. Yemenis have found US remnants from the air strikes contained in the bombs dropped. How can the United States government live with this?

This war has left over 18.8 million in need of humanitarian intervention which they are not receiving and over 3 million forced to leave their homes in July of this year alone. In March of this year, it was reported that over 10 million were in immediate need of help.18616246_303.jpg Something must be done.

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