Wearing Julian Assange’s Shoes

I want you to put on someone else’s shoes for a bit in this article. Imagine being accused of a crime you didn’t commit.  In this case, the crime is rape.  Your accusers are the prosecution of a country, not necessarily the two seperate individuals in two seperate incidents.  Now imagine you are well know world wide as a journalist, a writer and a publisher who his known for telling the truth.  This case has put you in one hell of a bind.  Newspapers and media outlets all over the world have called you a rapist and a liar.  Even though the two individuals who are involved are over 18, a few of the other journalists around you have said you had sex with someone underage.  One group has even accused you of raping two people of the same sex as you though the individuals were the opposite.DCkvVAiVoAA3AWp.jpg

How would you feel?

Now imagine having to take political asylum in an Embassy in a room no bigger than most Americans living rooms. No access to the sun.  If you step foot outside you will be arrested and extradited for accusations of treason and espionage which you also didn’t commit.  Your political asylum goes on for ever. The country accusing you has never filed charges and they are just allegations. Finally after 5 years in the Embassy and a total of 2 years on house arrest and in actual jail, the country drops the allegations.  However, the country you are in still wants to arrest you and extradite you!

In 7 years, you haven’t seen your family or your growing children.  They are living their lives without you.  You are isolated from the outside world.  People are still calling you a rapist even though you did nothing wrong. The two women you had consensual intercourse with have moved on and lived their lives while you have had your human rights violated.

Sounds terrible doesn’t it?  Trust me it is much worse than it sounds. Lack of sunlight can cause all sorts of health problems as well as emotional issues.  Not to mention if you ever are free to go, your relationship with the children you love so much is forever changed. You have to imagine having police around the building you have sought asylum in watching you 24/7.  Reporters around the structure often as well. People are threatening you for the work you publish which has never been retracted because it is all true.  These people are threatening your life! Not just a few people, but hundreds on social media.  Government officials are calling for you to be droned or shot.

What did you do?  You shared documents that exposed government corruption.  These document were given to you by whistle blowers who wanted the truth to be known.  One of those whistle blowers has even been pardoned in the 7 years you have been detained.

Now imagine how you would feel.  Angry, depressed, paranoid,vengeful perhaps and a whole strew of emotions would run through your mind.

Who am I talking about? Has this really happened?  Yes, it has.  His name is Julian Assange and he is the founder and publisher of Wikileaks.org.  His fight for truth led him to the position he is in. His organization, which has received dozens of journalism awards is under fire as well by the US Senate.  They are calling it a non-state hostile intelligence agency and want to prosecute him for publishing documents given to him.  This is a terrible atrocity and borders on torture.  The UN has declared he be set free and that his situation is against his human rights and yet very few want to stand up and say, “LET HIM GO”!

It is time for us to stand up for truth!  It is time for us to tell the governments involved in this case to let this hero go free! It is time for the slander and lies to stop and this illegal abomination to end!  We need to fight for this man. We need to right letters, use social media, let the masses know of the mental torture this man is undergoing and the violation of his human rights.  FIGHT!  This is a worthy cause unlike any other you may have defended.

Let this individual go free and see his family and children once again.  Let him feel the sun on his face and breathe the fresh air.  Let him feel human! It’s time for action, not words!ap-julian-assange-jc-170519

Contact your US Senators and House of Representatives at the link below:

US Congress link

The White House link is

Contact the President

You can contact the Prime Minister of Britain here:

Contact Theresa May


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