Julian Assange Impersonators and What to Do

Since Twitter refuses to verify @JulianAssange , the impersonators have gone mad.  There are so many you can’t keep track of them all.  Even though @wikileaks, which is verified, has even put his account in their profile, people continue to follow the fakes.  So how do you tell who is real?  assange proof 6

  1. The real Julian has one account. @JulianAssange  Once again, verified by @wikileaks
  2. Julian Assange will never take a side.  He is neither Democrat or Republican. Neither left or right.
  3. Julian has a distinct way of writing.
  4. @Wikileaks and @JulianAssange often retweet each other.
  5. In some cases, you can tell by the number of followers but several accounts have a lot.

I think that is pretty simple to follow.

You are probably wondering why someone would want to start a fake Assange account.  I think that is pretty simple as well.

By printing false information, they deter people from trusting Wikileaks and Julian.  Imitators often have jealousy issues or hate the person they are imitating.  Some even are in love with that person and it is a fantasy.  It’s even possible a US government organization is doing this to make him look bad.  Another possible reason is the person has a boring life and wishes they were Assange.

Regardless of the reasoning why, this hurts the truth.  You can report them as impersonating at the link below:

Twitter Reports: Impersonation

Also, after reporting this person block them and tell others who may be following that it is a fake account.  Always verify who people are that claim they are famous celebrities regardless of who it is.

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