What is Wikileaks Exactly?

Recently, the US Senate has added a Section (#623) to the Intel Act of 2018 naming Wikileaks a hostile non-state intelligence organization. The problem with this definition is that it is far from the truth. (Surprise, surprise Congress lies). The organization’s best definition is found on their website and reads”WikiLeaks is a multi-national media organization and associated library.” Wikileaks truly is nothing more than a publisher of documents given to them. They have never had to retract a story or a document in the ten years of their existence. They have exposed war crimes and government corruption in those ten years. Not until the Manning leaks did the United States government even take interest in them.

Other publishing organizations such as New York Times and Washington Post have published leaks (many of them fake) and have suffered no consequences, so why target Wikileaks?

I will tell you my theory on this. You see, many of our Congress and other government officials have committed crimes that are hidden. Wikileaks publishes many of those documents when a whistle blower brings the information to them. Before doing so, Wikileaks validates those documents as real. No person in the government wants to be exposed for their dirty criminal activity. None of Wikileaks revelations have caused any death by being published. (However, the theory is a young Democrat was killed last summer by the DNC for leaking, but that would not be because of Wikileaks.)

Wikileaks and it’s staff have received many journalism awards over the years. If you would like to look at a list of those awards here is a link what is wikileaks

So popular is Wikileaks that WikiLeaks is cited in more than 28 thousands academic papers and US court filings according to their site.

So the question is, why is Congress targeting Wikileaks? It’s very simple, FEAR. They are afraid of what Julian Assange and Wikileaks might have on them. They are afraid of what the organization can prove against both left and right. They are afraid of being exposed. When one commits crimes as they do, they are paranoid of being caught.

Please contact your Senator today and tell them to strike Section 623 from the Intel Act of 2018 today. Click on the links below for contact information. Thank you! Help save the truth!

List of US Senator Twitter Handles

Senate phone numbers and contact info

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