The Night Sky

Dance with me beneath the stars

where the whole world seems to be ours

dance with me underneath the Milky Way

where night is much better than the day

Stare at the moon and feel the breeze

and life will pass by with a little more ease

Look with eyes that feel the southern star

and you will know I am not that far

Miles away but standing very near

to calm and soothe your worst fear

an angel by night, a girl by day

in my heart you will always stay…




We are seeing it more and more on social media sites, youtube and places like google, censorship.  They change our tweets, block our videos and uses special algorithms to keep our voices quiet.  Who you ask?  Mostly we are seeing it done to Conservatives, journalists who support conservative views and even publications critical of Washington DC.  In Germany they are censoring what they consider hate speech which includes anyone speaking out against Islam.  Here is an article written by a Jew about hate speech and how he is pressuring Twitter to end it.

article on social media hate speech

Stop!  My grandmother always told me, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”  What she literally meant is if you don’t like what is going on, either ignore it or get out of it.  Social media should be all about free speech unless it involves direct threats to an individual of violence or obvious harassment of an individual.  If someone says I hate Trump or I hate Obama, this should not be censored.  However, if someone says I want to kill so and so, then yes, this individual should be turned in and also be reported to the authorities.

The censorship I am talking about is that of those who take down tweets, posts, videos etc just because that site doesn’t agree with the viewpoint expressed.  That is absolute garbage.  We should be allowed to convey our ideas and beliefs freely on social media.  It’s called free speech.  If someone is offended by our beliefs, tough luck!

The obvious censorship seems to be towards though who have huge amounts of followers that disagree with certain political views.  People like Jack Posibiec,  Mike Cernovich, Infowars and even Bill Mitchell are being censored.  Some of Wikileaks articles and videos with high views are being put to the bottom on searches.

Another example of obvious censorship is on Twitter.  They refuse to verify @JulianAssange.  Though Wikileaks is verified and has verified his account, they simply won’t do it.  Many of us have tweeted to them and Wikileaks has worked hard to get him verified and yet they continue to allow fake accounts and won’t verify Julian.  This is a travesty.

Some of these individuals incomes are based on social media and rely on that income to survive.  By suppressing these view points, they are causing harm to these individuals and not allowing for free press and free speech.

We need to write these organizations and complain.  If they cannot allow for opposite perspectives then they need to get off the internet. The internet should be a free place to voice one’s opinions and these sites that choose to censor need to be replaced.  If necessary we need to boycott these sites or at least boycott their advertisers. It is time for us to stand up for our right as citizens and internet users. WRITE THESE WEBSITES HEADQUARTERS NOW!



Why Internet Security is So Important

Recently a person on Twitter decided to dox me. They took my picture and looked me up on the internet. This led to my Facebook page which thankfully is set to private and to my gofundme page which had my name on it. This person chose to slander my name on Twitter and give out personal information. I truly appreciate those who chose not to RT it it.  This is completely against Twitter rules and Twitter removed the posts that had my name on them, but not the person who was doing the doxing and slandering me.  This led me to explain why any picture you use on Twitter should not be used on other sites that bear your (4).jpg

First, if said picture leads back to your Facebook page and it is not set to private as mine was, the individual doxing you can retrieve more personal info and anyone else who may know you or may be related to you.  Second, some of the people who may dox you may also be hackers or dishonest and steal any info online about you.  Including doing a background check and obtaining your address.  This is extremely dangerous.   NEVER EVER POST your home phone or cell phone number or any personal information that you don’t want the world to know!

Another thing that can happen if someone gets enough information about you is identity theft which is no joking matter.  They can use your credit cards, bank account and credit score to pretty much destroy you. If you can afford it, please get identity theft protection!  No one wants to open their credit report to find someone else has been using their name and racked up 100k bills for them.

The real danger of someone finding out who you are is that they could show up at your door with a gun or bad intentions to hurt you.  There are internet stalkers who use social media to find new prey.  Life is precious and short so make sure you are careful.

Never give out any of your information on social media or an internet site that you don’t trust.  Always make sure the website you are purchasing from is verified!  Never give out your driver’s licence # or social security number to someone you don’t know.  Secondly. if someone asks you for money in exchange to help them come to America, it is most likely a scam.  Most scammers are foreign and prey on the lonely.

Beware of dating on the internet as well.  If you choose to meet someone, meet them in a well lit, public space with plenty of people there.  Never ever meet someone offline without leaving their information with a friend or relative.  Never meet someone where there are no other people around.  Always get their phone number and full name in case of emergency!

In other words, every person you come in contact with on the internet could be dangerous. Take care of yourself and don’t let this happen to you!1302_SBR_GIVEMEEVERYTHING_I.jpg.CROP.article568-large.jpg

The Drastic Change in Feminism

What do you picture when you think of women fighting for their rights?  Do you think of the early days when women were forced to wear skirts and weren’t allowed to vote? Or how about women weren’t allowed to be in the work force?  Do you think of Islam?  Things have changed so drastically even in my life time that is scary. I remember as a child when women refused to wear bras in support of their own rebellion against the last generation. What changed?

New millenials run around in pussy hats and pussy costumes complaining about their rights. I don’t think they have a clue what not having rights is like or they wouldn’t be supporting Sharia Law at the same time. Sharia Law advocates that a woman is worth half what a man is.  It also forces women into a subservient life style.  So where did this craziness come from?

Women’s Rights have always been a liberal idea.  Liberalism has gone AWOL recently and become the party of globalism, socialism and for some reason, Muslims.  Brainwashing in schools to follow a liberal agenda has begun and is continuing.  Kids are taught that the family is no longer an accepted thing.  They are taught that Islam is a good peaceful religion and that socialism is the answer to our problems.  This has changed the mindset of feminism radically in a bad way.

If you are fighting for women’s rights why would you wear a burqa?  A burqa is the number one anti-woman thing I can think of. It speaks of supression of rights and servitude.  Why would you support a culture that all but hates women?  Why would you advocate for that culture to become part or ours?

People like Cher and Madonna scream violence and hatred and these rallies. If you are a Conservative, they chase you off.  Feminism has become an ally of women’s suppression.  There is a deep hatred growing around the world and it is eating way at normal society.  It is telling us to not think for ourselves. It is brainwashing the young to believe certain things and not question what they are being taught.  We are on in a sad state of affairs.

Women need to be educated on physical abuse and verbal abuse.  They need to see what happens to a woman who disobeys in the Middle East.  They need to understand the bruises and defeat those women suffer from.  Also, they need more schooling on what rights they are given so they respect them and appreciate them.  This is paramount to our society’s survival.

Teaching that the family unit is respectable and good is also important.  Women seem to think that being married is a horrible thing that will destroy their careers and lives, when it is actually a honorable part of being a woman.  WE need to do this now before it is too late!

Climate Change: Real or a Conspiracy Theory

Scientists are divided on this very controversial subject.  Some say it is real and caused by humans and others say it is natural.  Today the NY Times released a report on a supposed leaked document stating that the average weather temp has raised 5 degrees in the last 50 years.  They do not have supported evidence of this and never checked with the government and verified it was real. Here is what Wikileaks released as the full document leaked from NOAA and NASA:DGstK4SXYAA640W

The question is if this is an actual document or is it faked as we know the NY Times has published counterfeit documents before in order to vilify the Trump administration.  Several of the arguments I have read have stated that even with all the regulations put in place, it would only drop the temperature of the Earth by .01 degrees over a century.  Fact is, cows passing gas affects the greenhouse gasses we produce. So are we to rid the world of all animals that pass large amounts of methane?World-Chaos

Yes, we need to get pollution under control, recycle when we can, car pool or use public transport when possible but is there anything we can really do that will affect this outcome?  As our population booms and more and more resources are needed is climate change inevitable?  Over the years that the planet has been here, the climate has changed dramatically over time several times. Are we the cause or is this just normal as our sun ages and our planet ages with it?

Is it possible for humans to change what is already happening?

download (3)

NY Times article on climate change

Article on why not to believe Climate Change

Our Government Violating the Fourth Amendment

The fourth amendment protects our rights to privacy as well as other items as stated here:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

In other words, no government organization may spy on you, or go through your property without a court order including seizing your property without probable cause.  A warrant must be issued by a sitting judge to do any of these things.  This also ensures your right to privacy. In other words, the NSA, CIA and FBI are not allowed to spy on the average citizen without good reason and a judge’s permission. So why are they doing this on a regular basis?

US Flag and Constitution of the United States of America
ca. 1980-2001

Wikileaks talks about the illegal spying the NSA and CIA are doing through our computers, webcams and phones in their release of Vault 7. Back in 2010, Edward Snowden also exposed this on a smaller scale.  So who gave them the rights to invade our privacy and listen and watch us? This is like a bad version of Big Brother in 1984 come to life.  In today’s life, the one place you still should have privacy is in your home. However, it appears this is not the case.

With cameras on every street corner, all over the stores and work places, we are constantly being watched like prisoners.  Sure, these videos can help in cases of robbery and murder or even terrorist acts, but someone walking down a public street should not have to be on video.  Now, we find out, they are doing this in our homes.  Our tvs have listening devices in them according to the recent CIA leaks on Wikileaks.  What else are they spying on us with?  This is a scary scenario.

Worse yet, many people have had their assets seized based on allegations.  In the case of Julian Assange, his credit cards were held without his knowledge while he was in Sweden leaving him with no funds whatsoever to take care of himself.  This in fact led to him staying with several girls who offered him temporary sleeping quarters in their beds and led to the allegations of rape which have been dropped.

Then there was the case of @KimDotCom a hacker that was had millions of dollars in assets seized by the US government.  It wasn’t even filed until 2 years after the government seized all his assets and sought to extradite him to the US.  The catch is the case is not a case against him but against his assets.  Make any sense to you? In his case, the government had certain rights to do so but he hadn’t even been to court yet, let alone convicted for anything.

So how many more people will be spied on illegally or their items seized before it ever goes to court based on allegations?  To me, this is not right and our government has overstepped it’s bounds.  There are other cases of the NSA and CIA listening in on conversations that they had no business doing such as the Trump tower, Sean Hannity and several Congressman while under the Obama administration.

We the people need to stand up against the violation of our fourth amendment rights.  We need to write Congress, the president, the DOJ and even the media to complain about these violations.  If we use our voice, vote often and write letters we can change this illegal system.chaos-please-blog


Why Freeing Assange is So Important

If they extradite Julian Assange to the United States and succeed in prosecuting them this opens the door to a madhouse of arrests and persecutions.  Here is why…  assange yes.png

  1. Free speech and free press are consitutional rights and once you violate the First Amendment, it is easier to continue. Julian Assange is a publisher and a journalist, nothing more.
  2. By impeding free press, soon free speech will follow for all citizens as they begin to indoctrinate what we are allowed to say.
  3. Once this happens, all Constitutional rights will begin to disappear and we will soon lose our freedom.

If they succeed, then they have to arrest any publisher or journalist who has published a leak regardless of it was to expose corruption or not.  In ten years of publishing, Wikileaks has never been proven wrong.  They yell for his arrest because what he publishes is the truth.

Arresting Assange is nothing more than a political scam.  When he exposed George W Bush and the war crimes, he was hailed a hero by the left. Once he began publishing stuff from the Democrats, he became an enemy of the left and an ally for the right.  This is nothing more than one side using this man to ruin the other side.  That is not right!

He has been called a spy so they can bring him here under the Espionage Act of 1917.  However, the definition is as follows: work for a government or other organization by secretly collecting information about enemies or competitors.

Julian operates Wikileaks. He is the founder, editor and publisher of these documents. He does not obtain these documents on his own.  Whistleblowers and leakers bring them to him. Just like at the NY Times and the Washington Post.  So if you arrest and prosecute Assange under any act, you must also do so to other media organizations that have released similar publications.   Soon, you would have to jail every journalist and publisher for what they publish and then we are no longer a Republic.  The government then truly is Big Brother from 1984.

So, we need to free Assange.  It’s pretty simple.  There is no reason for his continued detainment. The only thing the British government could be holding him for is to extradite him so the United States can get information from him and then rid themselves of the voice of truth.

Please donate to or today!1706-ASSANGE-House-Arrest

The USA’s Policing of the World

The United States government and the CIA have been interfering in other countries long enough using American tax dollars to do so.  Our military is not the world wide police force and should not be used as such. Each time the US decides to interfere in other countries it is a disaster. For example:

  1. We went into Afghanistan 15 years ago looking for Bin Laden. Bin Laden has been dead for quite awhile. We are still there. Soldiers lives are still being sacrificed and for what purpose?
  2. The lies of weapons of mass destruction was used to go in and take Saddam Hussein.  Once again, we are still there.
  3. Libya? Yes we are there
  4. Egypt? Uh huh
  5. Syria? It’s a matter of time
  6. Venezuela? Any day now.

In each of the above scenarios with the exception of Afghanistan we went in for made up reasons. Oil being the top reason for our invasion though the government will never admit to it. In the case of Iraq, Egypt and Libya, a ruler was taken down and killed in one way or the other. In each case, radical Islam took over.  Do you know why? In Muslim countries who only understand that crime results in violence removing a violent leader gives way to extremism.  Each ruler who was taken out had things somewhat under control. When the CIA armed rebels to remove these men it resulted in chaos following.

Why do we do this? Why do we interfere in foreign countries and not take care of our own? Why does our government waste our tax dollars on policing the world?  It has never been about the truth. The truth is the root cause is the greed of the elitists who have no compassion for anyone but themselves.  It is the result of bankers who make money by starting wars.  It is by government officials who also gain monetarily by supporting such causes.

We the People are the only ones who can stop this.  We the People are the only ones who can demand media tell the truth and stop the lies. We need to vote out the liars in Congress and overthrow the Deep State controlling it.  This is our country. We can demand that our troops are removed from countries that hate us. We can force politicians to stop funding them. We can make them use our tax money frugally.

Vote in 2018.

For Those Who Have Trouble Seeing God in Churches

base your life on this

“someone at church hurt me”

I hear this a lot from various people including myself.  They often say, “How can I believe in Jesus when the Christians I know are so awful?”

Well, let me explain.  God is not like us.  He is holy and just.  He is pure in a way we never are.  He is a God of love and forgiveness.  

Mankind is selfish from birth.  Let’s face it, every baby is concerned with themselves and the little world they live in.  They don’t know any better.  We are taught what is right and wrong, good and bad when we are older.  A baby has to be that to survive.  It cannot help that it has to wake Mom and Dad up fifty times a night.  We are born to take care of ourselves.

As we get older, some people learn what to say and how to say it.  Others don’t care what they say or do because they still live in their selfish little world they were brought up in.  Sometimes, the best Christian can really hurt another with what they do or say.  Guess what though? 

Jesus is not like us.  He came to this world with one intent to give His life that we may live eternally.  To forgive us for all the selfish things we have done intentionally and unintentionally.  Jesus was sinless.  He was born knowing right from wrong because He was God.

We cannot base our belief in God on people and what they do or can’t do.  We cannot base our faith on what was said to us that hurt us.  God loves us more than we can ever understand.  We have to base everything on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit within us and we need to try to forgive those who hurt us who are believers.

Ten More Interesting Facts


More of those useless facts I have accumulated… some interesting some you may know. I posted this hub and have been told that it is substandard. I am assuming that means it’s too short. So I am going to add a few lines just to bring up I guess. Thanks for stopping in and enjoy.

10. There is a Superman somewhere in every episode of the comedy series “Seinfeld”??? Bet you start paying attention now! “It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Seinfeld?”

9. Leonardo DaVinci is the inventor of scissors? He didn’t just paint beautiful paintings, he invented things and he was also left- handed. Hmmm, so why are most scissors for right-handed people?

8. 35% of people who use internet dating sites are actually already married? Naughty naughty naughty! And I have run into many of them when I was looking. Dating sites are 35% married people and 60% players. Take my advice, stay away from them.

7.Your heart stops for a second when you sneeze? If you try to contain a sneeze, did you know that you can blow a blood vessel or have a stroke? The official name of a sneeze is sternutation. You will not sneeze while you are asleep.

6. Dead skin cells make up most of the dust particles in your house? That’s just awesome. So all day, I am breathing in dead skin. In one day the human body sheds around 10 billion flakes od dead skin. Yummy! Makes me wanna sandwich.

5. The original owner of Marlboro cigarettes died of lung cancer? Gee, and it took them how long to put those warnings labels on cigarettes. Anyone remember when they advertised that smoking was good for you? The Marlboro cigarette is the number one selling cigarette in the world. There is an ingredient in all tobacco that is the same as cat urine! Every time you smoke, you are putting cat urine in your lungs.

4. 68% of Twinkies are air? So it’s the other 22% that make you fat. Mostly that frosty center. Makes me wonder how much ho ho’s are filled with or cupcakes? Twinkies were invented in 1930. Twinkies were named after the Twinkle Toes Shoe Factory in St Louis, Missouri.

3. The word Canada is a Native Indian word meaning “Big Village”? WOAH DUDE! That is one big village full of trees, water and ice! It got it’s name from the actual word Kanata.

2. Two of Cleopatra’s brothers were also her husbands? Cleopatra didn’t know that incest isn’t best. She was from Egypt and we mostly picture her lying on a couch holding grapes above her head eating them.

1. Israel offered the presidency to Albert Einstein who was a Jew in 1952 but he declined? Did you even know he was Jewish? Did you also know that his parents and teachers though he was mentally retarded? Did you know that he failed his university entrance exam? He was a pacifist? However, he urged FDR to build the atomic bomb which was later used on Japan during World War II. He had an illegitimate child? His brain was pickled and traveled all over the United States for 43 years?

So many useless facts, so little time. Hope you enjoyed these lovely facts.