Letter to President Trump to Pardon Julian Assange

Dear Mr. President,

As of this year, Julian Assange has been detained in the Ecuadorian Embassy for 5 years.  With the time he was under house arrest and spent in jail, it is up to 7 years.  The UN has declared Assange’s detainment inhumane. He has no access to healthcare or to exercise outside.  No daylight is extremely bad for one’s health.  He lives in a room that isn’t even as big as most American’s living rooms Mr. President.

Julian Assange was the second reason you were elected as he released the DNC emails and Podesta emails.  He knows who gave them to Wikileaks and it is not Russia.  Wikileaks staff and Julian Assange deserved to be pardoned for publishing the truth.  They are not a hostile organization nor are they a spy organization.  You once said that you loved Wikileaks for what they are doing.  Can you show that love and appreciation now and pardon all Wikileaks staff and Assange?

We the People are begging for your help in this matter Mr. President.  If we prosecute wikileaks, the first Amendment is sure to fall soon thereafter as it is a violation of the Constitution to quiet a media organization. If they extradite Julian Assange to the United States and succeed in prosecuting them this opens the door to a madhouse of arrests and persecutions. Here is why…

  1.  speech and free press are consitutional rights and once you violate the First Amendment, it is easier to continue. Julian Assange is a publisher and a journalist, nothing more.
  2. By impeding free press, soon free speech will follow for all citizens as they begin to indoctrinate what we are allowed to say.
  3. Once this happens, all Constitutional rights will begin to disappear and we will soon lose our freedom.

If they succeed, then they have to arrest any publisher or journalist who has published a leak regardless of it was to expose corruption or not. In ten years of publishing, Wikileaks has never been proven wrong.  Prosecuting the truth will be devastating to a country that is already seeing its monuments torn down, its values destroyed and its free speech rights violated.

Please pardon Wikileaks and Julian Assange as soon as possible and show your support of the Constitution.

Thank you

A concerned Citizen

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