Possible Pardon for Julian Assange and Wikileaks?

In recent news, US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher visited Julian at the Embassy to discuss details on his proof of no Russian collusion.  During this conversation, it appears they also discussed a possible pardon if Julian provided documents that proved Russia did not give him the DNC leaks and Podesta emails.  Dana agreed to bring such information to President Trump.  The possibility of a seat at the White House news briefing for Wikileaks was also discussed.article-0-1544E044000005DC-669_306x423

A preemptive pardon would be the answer and should be in order.  Why?  First of all, the US wanted charges brought against Wikileaks and the editor Julian Assange originally over the leaks provided by Private Manning.  Manning was pardoned by President Obama in the last weeks of his administration and was released in May of this year.  If Manning is pardoned, why is Wikileaks still considered guilty?  All Wikileaks did was publish documents provided to them.  They are a publisher and in essence, a news organization.

By holding an ongoing grand jury against Assange and Wikileaks, trying to indite this organization on charges and persecuting this journalist organization, our government has violated our Constitutional right to free speech as well as free press.  It is time for this unconstitutional persecution to end.

President Trump has vowed to uphold the Constitution and by issuing a preemptive pardon for Wikileaks and Julian Assange, he would be standing behind his words.  This would be a show of his belief in the First Amendment and would gain him more support from voters.  By lifting the pressure and in essence, freeing Assange he would be celebrated as a President for truth and justice.inauguration.png

Please write to the President and ask him to pardon Wikileaks and Julian Assange and show his support of the First Amendment.  You can also help by donating to wikileaks or Julian’s legal defense fund by clicking either link.

You can call and leave a message for Trump here: Comments: 202-456-1111

or write to either the President or VP here:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

If you would prefer to email the President, you can at this site:

white house contact page


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