We are seeing it more and more on social media sites, youtube and places like google, censorship.  They change our tweets, block our videos and uses special algorithms to keep our voices quiet.  Who you ask?  Mostly we are seeing it done to Conservatives, journalists who support conservative views and even publications critical of Washington DC.  In Germany they are censoring what they consider hate speech which includes anyone speaking out against Islam.  Here is an article written by a Jew about hate speech and how he is pressuring Twitter to end it.

article on social media hate speech

Stop!  My grandmother always told me, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”  What she literally meant is if you don’t like what is going on, either ignore it or get out of it.  Social media should be all about free speech unless it involves direct threats to an individual of violence or obvious harassment of an individual.  If someone says I hate Trump or I hate Obama, this should not be censored.  However, if someone says I want to kill so and so, then yes, this individual should be turned in and also be reported to the authorities.

The censorship I am talking about is that of those who take down tweets, posts, videos etc just because that site doesn’t agree with the viewpoint expressed.  That is absolute garbage.  We should be allowed to convey our ideas and beliefs freely on social media.  It’s called free speech.  If someone is offended by our beliefs, tough luck!

The obvious censorship seems to be towards though who have huge amounts of followers that disagree with certain political views.  People like Jack Posibiec,  Mike Cernovich, Infowars and even Bill Mitchell are being censored.  Some of Wikileaks articles and videos with high views are being put to the bottom on searches.

Another example of obvious censorship is on Twitter.  They refuse to verify @JulianAssange.  Though Wikileaks is verified and has verified his account, they simply won’t do it.  Many of us have tweeted to them and Wikileaks has worked hard to get him verified and yet they continue to allow fake accounts and won’t verify Julian.  This is a travesty.

Some of these individuals incomes are based on social media and rely on that income to survive.  By suppressing these view points, they are causing harm to these individuals and not allowing for free press and free speech.

We need to write these organizations and complain.  If they cannot allow for opposite perspectives then they need to get off the internet. The internet should be a free place to voice one’s opinions and these sites that choose to censor need to be replaced.  If necessary we need to boycott these sites or at least boycott their advertisers. It is time for us to stand up for our right as citizens and internet users. WRITE THESE WEBSITES HEADQUARTERS NOW!



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