Why Internet Security is So Important

Recently a person on Twitter decided to dox me. They took my picture and looked me up on the internet. This led to my Facebook page which thankfully is set to private and to my gofundme page which had my name on it. This person chose to slander my name on Twitter and give out personal information. I truly appreciate those who chose not to RT it it.  This is completely against Twitter rules and Twitter removed the posts that had my name on them, but not the person who was doing the doxing and slandering me.  This led me to explain why any picture you use on Twitter should not be used on other sites that bear your name.download (4).jpg

First, if said picture leads back to your Facebook page and it is not set to private as mine was, the individual doxing you can retrieve more personal info and anyone else who may know you or may be related to you.  Second, some of the people who may dox you may also be hackers or dishonest and steal any info online about you.  Including doing a background check and obtaining your address.  This is extremely dangerous.   NEVER EVER POST your home phone or cell phone number or any personal information that you don’t want the world to know!

Another thing that can happen if someone gets enough information about you is identity theft which is no joking matter.  They can use your credit cards, bank account and credit score to pretty much destroy you. If you can afford it, please get identity theft protection!  No one wants to open their credit report to find someone else has been using their name and racked up 100k bills for them.

The real danger of someone finding out who you are is that they could show up at your door with a gun or bad intentions to hurt you.  There are internet stalkers who use social media to find new prey.  Life is precious and short so make sure you are careful.

Never give out any of your information on social media or an internet site that you don’t trust.  Always make sure the website you are purchasing from is verified!  Never give out your driver’s licence # or social security number to someone you don’t know.  Secondly. if someone asks you for money in exchange to help them come to America, it is most likely a scam.  Most scammers are foreign and prey on the lonely.

Beware of dating on the internet as well.  If you choose to meet someone, meet them in a well lit, public space with plenty of people there.  Never ever meet someone offline without leaving their information with a friend or relative.  Never meet someone where there are no other people around.  Always get their phone number and full name in case of emergency!

In other words, every person you come in contact with on the internet could be dangerous. Take care of yourself and don’t let this happen to you!1302_SBR_GIVEMEEVERYTHING_I.jpg.CROP.article568-large.jpg

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