The USA’s Policing of the World

The United States government and the CIA have been interfering in other countries long enough using American tax dollars to do so.  Our military is not the world wide police force and should not be used as such. Each time the US decides to interfere in other countries it is a disaster. For example:

  1. We went into Afghanistan 15 years ago looking for Bin Laden. Bin Laden has been dead for quite awhile. We are still there. Soldiers lives are still being sacrificed and for what purpose?
  2. The lies of weapons of mass destruction was used to go in and take Saddam Hussein.  Once again, we are still there.
  3. Libya? Yes we are there
  4. Egypt? Uh huh
  5. Syria? It’s a matter of time
  6. Venezuela? Any day now.

In each of the above scenarios with the exception of Afghanistan we went in for made up reasons. Oil being the top reason for our invasion though the government will never admit to it. In the case of Iraq, Egypt and Libya, a ruler was taken down and killed in one way or the other. In each case, radical Islam took over.  Do you know why? In Muslim countries who only understand that crime results in violence removing a violent leader gives way to extremism.  Each ruler who was taken out had things somewhat under control. When the CIA armed rebels to remove these men it resulted in chaos following.

Why do we do this? Why do we interfere in foreign countries and not take care of our own? Why does our government waste our tax dollars on policing the world?  It has never been about the truth. The truth is the root cause is the greed of the elitists who have no compassion for anyone but themselves.  It is the result of bankers who make money by starting wars.  It is by government officials who also gain monetarily by supporting such causes.

We the People are the only ones who can stop this.  We the People are the only ones who can demand media tell the truth and stop the lies. We need to vote out the liars in Congress and overthrow the Deep State controlling it.  This is our country. We can demand that our troops are removed from countries that hate us. We can force politicians to stop funding them. We can make them use our tax money frugally.

Vote in 2018.

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