Macron and Julian Assange

Recently, Wikileaks published a number of emails from regarding France’s leader, Emmanuel Macron titled Macronleaks which includes 25,430 emails.  Many of which show Macron’s true character as a Deep State politician.  Due to this Macron has threatened to arrest Julian by using his lawyers and through another source.  Julian has stated that if he wants to threaten him do it himself as seen on @JulianAssange ‘s twitter feed.

Also on Julian’s twitter feed is this:DGPP3PyXkAAqrM4.jpg

Obviously, the “establishment” handpicked this man for future use as a politician.  The Deep State which seems to be worldwide and appears to be owned by the Bildeberg’s or what is known as the Illuminati, does not like their information published.  Emmanuel Macron is in fact connected to them if you look at this:



It always amazes me how these people do a 180 on their views of Assange and Wikileaks when the dirt is on them.  Admittedly, having the skeletons in your closet released is not fun but as a politician I believe you should be as transparent and honest as possible.  This leaves no room for investigation into you once you obtain office and will keep you honest if you fear exposure.

Here is an interesting article on the Macron leaks that Julian shared on his twitter feed.

Macron email leaks

All I can say is that if Macron wants to arrest Julian he needs to get in line behind the UK and the US as they want him as well. For what? Sharing the truth and exposing the criminal behavior of military operations and governments to the people who deserve to know.631398424.jpg

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