What May Happen to America if It Doesn’t Repent

Evil Times And Evil Countries: What’s Going to Happen to America

The History of What Happens To Sinful Countries

Take a good look at world history and you will find evil goverments fall, countries fall out of power because of sin and God always prevails. Don’t believe me? Take a look at Egypt and the pharaoh at the time of Moses. He drowned chasing God’s people down because he was on a power trip. Egypt worshiped many gods but not the real one. Egypt was one of the most powerful rich countries in it’s time. Where is it now?

Next was Babylon, so powerful and rich it’s rulers became too proud and announced they were gods to be worshiped. What happened to them? Basically, all you can find are ruins of their once great and powerful country.

What about Israel? Israel was the land chosen by God for his people the Jews. However, through out history, the kings and rulers of Israel forsook their God, Yahweh, and followed other Gods. POW! The richest king ever was Solomon. He was also the wisest and very powerful. After his reign, his children and grandchildren became evil and turned away from God and followed sin. For many centuries afterwards, other countries ruled Israel with a vengeance.

Now let’s talk about the Roman Empire. It’s rule spread all over 3 continents. They went as far north as England, ruled Northern Africa and the Mideast. In their day, powerful did not even begin to describe them. Roman ruled Israel during the time of Christ and for hundreds of years afterwards. The problem with Rome was this, they allowed homosexuality, murders of thousands of innocent people in the name of entertainment and they did not accept Christ. What happened? We still talk about it today. Remember the old saying, “Rome was built in a day but it fell in one!”?

There are other powerful kingdoms that rose and fell. Spain, England, France, Germany, even the Catholic church which ruled most of Europe at one point or another through it’s rulers. What happened? Well, perhaps, they fell for many reasons but I still say, it is because of their evil and their sin.

Now look at America today. Our government is out of hand. Our people are unhappy. Serial killers and murderers run rampant in the street. Our children are taking guns to school because of their rage. People in general are angry, hurt and miserable. We took God out of country and we expect Him to overlook the sin we allow. It’s not going to happen that way.

God is a wonderful, loving God but God is a Father too. Just as our parents discipline us, the Father will do so to His children. Let me share some verses that say just that.

I Corinthians 11:32 But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.

Revelations 3:19 Those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest, and repent.

Hebrews 12:6 because the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes everyone he accepts as a son.”

So, don’t expect as a Christian for this country not to be disciplined. After all, America was built on the Bible. The Constitution was practically written directly from it. Equality is talked about in the New Testament. We are “one nation, under God”, regardless of what the atheists say. Our country as well as our Christian population will not go unpunished for not following God.

If you don’t blame me look at history it tells you the truth.

The Gunslinger and The Preacher: A Short Story

A short story

Let’s start out by saying this story was in the Old West. You know, a little town with a small church and of course a local tavern where they played poker. Picture it like you would in the movies….

There was an old gun slinger who in his old age had retired to just playing poker and gambling a bit. He’d kill many a man and was well known in the area for his past sins. Well, he was running a good string of good luck with the cards. For some reason, the old gun slinger decided to go to church that Sunday. He sat in the back row, hoping no one would see him there.

Of course everyone in the church turned to stare at him. He’d dressed in his best but it didn’t matter. When the offering plate came around, he dropped 20 gold pieces in the plate. You could hear a unified gasp.

When the preacher finished preaching, the gun slinger left before they started singing the final hymn. He had no inclination to deal with these uppity, better than thou people.

After he left several of the deacons and church members approached the minister. “We can’t take that money earned in sin!!!” They proclaimed.

They mumbled and argued amongst eachother. Finally, the preacher had had enough. “Maybe this money was being used by Satan earlier, but it’s about time God got his hands on it.”Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp.jpgtombstone.jpg

Favorite Funny Sayings and Quotes

Favorite Sayings and Quotes

I have put together some favorites of mine with authors as well as a few of my own for the reader’s enjoyment. Some are good advice, some are funny and some, well they are just quotes. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed gathering them up to share. By the way only the first one is by Bob Hope.

I grew up with six brothers. That’s how I learned to dance – waiting to get into the bathroom.~ Bob Hope

 watch out I have a screwdriver… and I WILL use it to unscrew your belly button and watch your butt fall off!”

I figured out why Tiger Woods is playing such a bad game these days… His wife won his mojo and HIS TALENT in the divorce

Anyone remember wearing a Swatch? It was named this because it was made in Switzerland and they put the two names together. Good thing it wasn’t named in Croatia…5895818_f520.jpg

I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather … Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car.

If everything is coming your way, you’re in the wrong lane!

We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.

If 4 out 5 people suffer from diarrhea, does that mean that one person actually enjoys it?

Change is inevitable except in vending machines.

Ever burped and got whiplash?


Reality is the leading cause of Insanity…

Hilarious But Good Advice

Hilarious but Good Advice

Too funny

  1. Whatever you do never ever get your Ben Gay mixed up with your tube of Preparation H
  2. Be careful when attempting to reach the light at the end of the tunnel, it just might be a giant bug zapper.
  3. The best way to mess with a fast food drive thru person is to ask for an order of boogers and snot.
  4. When getting a tattoo, make sure the artist can SPELL
  5. When eating Skittles beware of the ugly mean leprechaun at the end.
  6. If you can’t beat them, get a ball bat.
  7. It’s not a good idea to start laughing when someone is holding a gun to your head.
  8. When life gets you down buy a helium balloon and suck on it, guaranteed to make things a bit brighter
  9. Guaranteed way to lose weight… eat your food naked in front of a mirror. The restaraunt will definitely kick you out before you are finished.
  10. If you want to get kicked out of a store, just go into the changing room and after five minutes scream “Where is the toilet paper?”

The Misuse of the Espionage Act of 1917

The Espionage Act of 1917 was written due to World War I. It was pushed by then President Woodrow Wilson in a letter to Congress.

President Woodrow Wilson, in his December 7, 1915 State of the Union address, asked Congress for the legislation:[4]

There are citizens of the United States, I blush to admit, born under other flags but welcomed under our generous naturalization laws to the full freedom and opportunity of America, who have poured the poison of disloyalty into the very arteries of our national life; who have sought to bring the authority and good name of our Government into contempt, to destroy our industries wherever they thought it effective for their vindictive purposes to strike at them, and to debase our politics to the uses of foreign intrigue …

I urge you to enact such laws at the earliest possible moment and feel that in doing so I am urging you to do nothing less than save the honor and self-respect of the nation. Such creatures of passion, disloyalty, and anarchy must be crushed out. They are not many, but they are infinitely malignant, and the hand of our power should close over them at once. They have formed plots to destroy property, they have entered into conspiracies against the neutrality of the Government, they have sought to pry into every confidential transaction of the Government in order to serve interests alien to our own. It is possible to deal with these things very effectually. I need not suggest the terms in which they may be dealt with

as quoted from wikipedia

It was to deter those who were disloyal to the United States and was passing on sescret information such as battle plans etc.  It was not written to punish the publication of leaks. Unfortunately, it has been pushed as such by our Congress and Media to discourage whistle blowers from sharing information that they feel is unconstitutional or just plain wrong.

Under the Obama administration seven individuals were prosecuted under this Act including Private Benjamin (now known as Chelsea) Manning and Edward Snowden for taking information and blowing the whistle on our corrupt government to Julian Assange and Wikileaks.  On July 30, 2013 Manning was found guilty and was to serve 35 years in prison, the longest ever handed out.   In June of 2013, Edward Snowden was charged with “unauthorized communication of national defense information” and “willful communication of classified intelligence with an unauthorized person”. However, Snowden sought political asylum in Russia and remains there to this day.  Manning was pardoned by President Obama days before Barrack left office.free-assange130822170422-lead-intv-lauren-mcnamara-friend-of-wikileaks-bradley-manning-00003920-exlarge-169.jpgEdward_Snowden-2.jpg

The question that these individuals raised was whether publishers of leaks were in danger of prosecution.  Many have called for the arrest of Wikileaks editor, publisher and creator Julian Assange under this act and the FDAA act of 2012. They call him a spy and a “cyber terrorist” and have called for the extradition of Julian to the US to face charges. Th problem with this is by prosecuting Wikileaks and it’s staff under this act, then other media outlets must come under fire including the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN as they have also published leaks. In fact, any publisher of said leaks would be at risk of serving time.

The fight against this has and always will be the Constitution of the United States and the First Amendment which specifically gives rights to freedom of speech and free press. Many defense lawyers has used this as a premises for the rights of individuals prosecuted under the Espionage Act.

I feel that prosecuting a publisher or journalist for exposing material given them by a whistle blower should be covered by the Constitution or our country will become tyrranical and a police state. If a person cannot expose corruption in the organization or publish said leaks, our country will be no better than Nazi Germany was.  I have enclosed a petition to drop all charges or inquiries into Wikileaks and it’s publisher Julian Assange. Please sign and verify your signature via email if you agree.

Assange Petition to the White House


Julian Assange and the NDAA Law of 2012

Do you know why they use the term “cyber terrorist” in regards to Julian Assange?  The NDAA of 2012 allows for indefinite detainment of any individual who is considered a possible terrorist. So defining Mr. Assange as a terrorist would give them the right to detain him, without trial by jury, indefinitely.  By allowing the extradition of Julian, we are allowing and accepting a violation of human rights. This act in and of itself is unconstitutional according to the 6th amendment which states:

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

Once we begin defining a publisher or publication an act of terrorism, the 1st amendment will surely be no longer.  We can not allow this to happen.  This is why I have written a petition to the White House and President Trump to end all allegations and charges against Julian Assange and wikileaks which is included in the link below. If you could please sign and verify your signature via email as soon as possible.

White House Petition

If we allow Julian or any Wikileaks staff to be arrested for publishing whistle blower documents, we immediately deny our own right to free speech and free press. We also would support the government not being transparent and keeping secrets from us.  Do we want a government who keeps corrupt information undisclosed?  Publishing the truth seems to be illegal according to our CIA and FBI unless it promotes their philosophies. It is the same with our Congress.

Under the first amendment, the press as well as individuals rights to free speech and free press are guaranteed, as seen below:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

In no way shape or form should a publisher, editor, or journalist be charged for publishing material given to it.  Sign the petition and help #FreeAssange

US Flag and Constitution of the United States of America
ca. 1980-2001


rights (1).jpg

The Clinton Body Count

Regardless of whether they are innocent or guilty, the body count around the Clintons is phenomenal.  I don’t think the Gambino family or the Corleone family from the Godfather could boast such a count. How many people do you know that have died like this?

hqdefault (1)hqdefault (2).jpghqdefault.jpg I am going to include a list from a site that names off over 90 bodies that died mysteriously.


The following is a list of a number of persons who have died in suspicious circumstances who
had connection to the Clintons or the Clinton’s dealings. The length and breadth of this list is
disconcerting. It is beyond credibility that very many of these cases are coincidences. Forward
any errors or inconsistancies as the list has been compiled from multiple sources:

Name Date Cause Explanation
—- —- —– ———–
Ron Brown’s 04/96 Murdered Drive by shooting, day after Ron Brown’s plane crashed.

Ron Brown 04/96 Plane Crash Commerce Sec. near indictment who alledgedly threatend
Secretary of Clinton with “not going down alone”. U.S. said no black
Commerce box was on this government plane, though Croatian and
French TV showed teams pulling one out. Air Force,
for the first time ever, canceled the safety investigation
of a U.S. government crash on friendly soil.

34 Passengers 04/96 Plane Crash On plane with Brown. A stewardess was rescued
several hours after the crash alive. She died in route to
hospital from blood loss due to a cut femoral artery
sustained in the crash!

Adm. Borda 1996 Suicide Alledgedly shot himself in chest with handgun, disraught with
Chief of Naval questions regarding his medals that he had anwered a year
Operations earlier. He was a combat veteran from Vietnam who received
combat ribbons for some activities while there. Others, were
reclassified later to combat, afterwhich he began wearing these
as well. When questions regarding the latter ribbons arose, he
simply said he would not wear the ones in question if there was
going to be a big deal made of it. This combat veteran, and our
highest ranking naval officer, responsible for a couple of hundred
thousand service men, and always a capable officer and soldier;
now a year after settling the issue, he shoots himself over it?
Others believe that he was eliminated because he refused to
transport Chinese, Eurasian and other forces on U.S. Navy
transports to U.S. and Canadian shores for semi-permanent
“ongoing” training.

Bill Shelton 06/94 Suicide Alledgedly shot himself at gravesite of fiancee, Kathy
Ferguson,who died the month before, also from suicide.
Shelton was an Ark. state trooper who had vocally been
proclaiming that his fiancee had not committed suicide.
Alledgedly shot himself behind the left ear.

Kathy Ferguson 05/94 Suicide Ex of Ark. trooper Danny Ferguson, engaged to trooper
Bill Shelton. Danny Ferguson alledgedly escorted Paula
Jones to Clinton’s hotel room and Kathy was vocal about
her knowledge in the case and was to be a corroborating
witness for Paula Jones in her sexual harrassment case
against Clinton. Alledgedly shot herself behind left ear.

Attorney for 05/94 Suicide Alledgedly jumped out of a building to kill himself. He
Dan Lassater represented Dan Lassiter, a close friend of Bill Clinton,
who was indicted on drug charges and sent to prison.

Ronald Rogers 03/94 Plane Crash Ark. dentist for Clintons, killed on way to interview with
a “London Sunday Telegraph” reporter to reveal info.

Hershell Friday 03/94 Plane Crash Clinton attorney and fund raiser. Plane blew up.

Ed Wiley 11/93 Suicide Alledgedly shot himself in head in Virginia. Real Estate
attorney and manager of Clinton presidential campaign
finance committee.

Luther Parks 09/93 Murdered Head of Clinton’s security team in Little Rock, gunned
down in his car outside of Little Rock. Home broken
into before his death, dossier on Clinton taken.

Stanley Heard 09/93 Plane Crash Chair of Chiropatric Health Care Advisory Comm. for
Clinton who had treated Clinton’s mother, stepfather &
brother. Killed when airplane crashed after reporting
fire on board.

Steve Dickson 09/93 Plane Crash Counsel to Mr. Heard, killed in same crash.

John Walker ????? Accident RTC investigator who fell from balcony of apartment
that was also a getaway for Vince Foster.

Vincent Foster 07/93 Suicide Alledgedly shot in Ft. Marcy Park. Bullet not found,
White House gun used stayed in hand. Initial witness said there was
Counsel no gun. Close friend of Clintons. Alleged possible
affair with Hillary, involved in Inslaw CIA computer
cover-up, tracked Clinton finances. Many irregularities
in death and its investigation.

Paul Wilcher 06/93 Murdered Wahington attorney, investigating federal corruption,
including Mena and BATF assault on Branch Davidians.
Shortly before death, gave Janet Reno with a 99 page
affadavit. Planned TV documentary. Found dead on
toilet before mtg with Danny Casolaro’s attorney.

John Wilson 05/93 Suicide Alledgedly hung himself. Reportedly part of
Whitewater and was ready to talk.

Sgt. B. Haney 05/93 Helo Crash All four died in crash in the woods near Quantico, VA.
Sgt. Tim Sabel All had escorted Clinton on flight to the Roosevelt.
Maj. William Barkley Vidoetape made by firemen at crash site siezed by feds.
Capt. Scott Reynolds

5 Aviators 03/93 Plane Crash All five died in a crash when “waved off” from landing
on the carrier Roosevelt. All five had escorted Clinton
during his visit to the Roosevelt several weeks earlier.

Gen. Robertson 02/93 Helo Crash Deputy Commander, Chief of Ops, Chief of Intel. &
Col. Densberger crew Chief for V Corps which was prominent in Bosnia-
Col. Kelly Serb operations, along with the carrier Roosevelt. They
Spec. Rhodes were associated with Clinton’s visit to the Roosevelt.
Helo crashed near Weisbaden Germany.

Steve Willis 02/93 Waco Assault Killed in assault on Davidian compound. All transferred
Robert William from the Secret Service, where they were Clinton guards,
Conway LeBleu to BATF prior to the assault. Killed by friendly fire.
Todd McKeehan

Jim Wilhite 12/92 Skiing Accident Vice Chair. of Arkla, Inc. with ties to Clinton & Mack
Mclarty, whom he called just hours before his death.

Paula Grober 12/92 Car Accident Speech interpreter for deaf for Bill Clinton. Killed in
car accident with no witnesses. Traveled extensively
with Clinton from 1978 `til death.

Paul Tully 09/92 Murdered Democratic Nat’l Committee Dir. found dead in hotel.
“Dear friend” of Clinton and a trusted advisor. Authored
key strategies for Clinton and the Democratic party.

Victor Raiser 07/92 Plane Crash Chair. of Mobile Telecomm whose subsidiary is SkyTel.
A finance co-chair in Clinton organization who soured.
His plane went down in Alaska on a fishing expedition.

Monty Raiser 07/92 Plane Crash Victor Raiser’s son, killed in the same plane crash.

5 Passengers 07/92 Plane Crash Killed while flying with Raiser’s on fishing expedition.


James Bunch ????? Suicide Suicide similar to Vince Foster. Texan w/”black book”
of influential Texans & Arkansans who visited prostitutes.
A rumor persists of potential notes on Bill Clinton.

Stanley Huggins ????? Murdered Partner in Memphis law firm investigatin Madison
Guarantee. His 300 page report has never been released.

Florence Martin ????? Murdered Accountant subcontracted to CIA in the Barry Seal case.
Dead of three gunshot wounds to the head.

Sue Coleman ????? Suicide Had affair with Clinton while attorney general. “Suicide”
with gunshot wound to the back of her head. No autopsy,
was pregnant.

Danny Casolaro 08/91 Suicide Reporter investigating Whitewater, Mena, BCCI, & ADFA.
About to receive info linking Iran-Contra to the Inslaw
scandal when found in bathtub with wrists slit.

Kevin Coney 1988-89 Murdered Six Ark. people who came forward with info about the
Gregory Collins death of 2 teens near the Mena operations. All killed
Kieth McKaskle before testifying. Stabbed, shotgunned or burned.
Jeff Rhodes Local detective, John Brown, reportedly solved the
Richard Winters case and gave findings to FBI which sat on them.
Jordan Ketelson According to Brown, “We now who killed these kids.
The reason this case has been stopped … is because it
tracks to Bill Clinton being involved in the cover-up”.

Kevin Ives 08/87 Murdered Two Bryant, Ark teens who saw too much of the Mena
Don Henry air drops. Found on train tracks. Initial report said
they fell asleep and was made by a state coroner
appointed by Bill Clinton. Parents protested and after
months, had the boys exumed and re-examined. Cause
of death then changed to murder, the boys having been
stabbed and skulls crushed before the train arrived.
Officials in the Administration who have died in the first four years :

Secretary of Commerce
Deputy White House Counsel
Chief of Naval Operations

Of these 89 deaths the causes break out as follows :

Deaths Cause Incidents
59 Plane Crashes 12
13 Murders 13
10 Suicides 10
04 Waco Assault 01
03 Accidents 03

If you work with Clinton and deal with any of his scandals, or if you attempt to investigate them
or accidently come across them, you will likely die in a plane crash, a murder or suicide.

80+ Near Waco in the Assault on the Branch Davidian Compound.
170+ In Oklahoma City where tech. and eye witness do not match government story of bomb.
1100+ In Chicago and surrounding area from a supposed 2 day “heat” wave.
120+ In Value Jet crash where Chuck Hays, a CIA operative w/info on Foster was supposed to fly.
270+ In TWA crash. Eye witness accounts (incl. Air Nat’l Guard Pilot) do’nt match fed’s story.

With the 90 above, this totals over 1830 individuals !!!

(The Value jet and TWA disasters are ominous when you consider the other plane crashes that
have killed Clinton associates, potential threats or enemies. Who was on that TWA aircraft?)

… and these are only the ones we know about !!!


We could also include the 4 men who died in Benghazi and a more recent one Klaus Eberwein who also died of a supposed suicide (shot to the head) in Miami.

Another Clinton related death

Or how about Peter Smith who was looking for the missing Clinton emails.

Another Clinton related suicide

We can add Seth Rich very possibly to that list for exposing the DNC fraud.  He was shot in the back twice and all evidence suggest it was a murder not a robbery.

So tell me, how many people are going to mysteriously die who know the Clintons?

A Call to Stand Up for America

Too many of us stood and watched our country begin to go down in flames and did nothing.  Finally some of us stood up for what is right and went to the voting box last November, but the fight is not over!  The swamp that is DC is full of venomous snakes who only care about themselves and their own pocket books.  They have stood for nothing but themselves and have begun to destroy American values and what we stand for!  It is time for the American people to rise up against corruption and greed. We need to stop being complacent! We need to fight for our country!

How? First we need to petition our government and work behind Trump. He cannot make America great again alone!  We need to write letter after letter to our Congress people until they understand we mean business. We need to protest what is wrong and that we hate what they are doing to us.  We need to call their offices and leave message after message. In 2018 we need to hit the ballot boxes once again! We can start a revolution with our actions and words if we choose to do it!

Too many of us want to stay in our comfort zones and think someone else will fight for them. You are wrong! We have to unite as one people and take our country back from the elites and globalists who seek to do it harm!  If we stand back and let evil prevail, it will and we are the ones responsible for doing nothing!

US Flag and Constitution of the United States of America
ca. 1980-2001


Our founding fathers would be ashamed of what we have allowed our country to become! We have become a godless nation full of hatred and lies. We have allowed the criminals to go free and we have not demanded justice loudly enough! We have stood back and watched as our values and ethics go down the drain. We have to do something now before it is too late! We have to stand up for our beloved country and tell our government we are not going to take it anymore!

Once again I call for you to petition, protest, write letters and make calls. Don’t know where to call or write, you can google it. I have a few places I will include for you.

The President


1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500

(202) 456-1111

The Department of Justice

U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001



Hillary is Guilty of Collusion, Not Trump

Since the Main Stream Media just won’t let it go even after Congressional Hearing and Hearing, I decided it is time I write about the one who is truly guilty of Collusion with Russia. Let’s just share some of the facts:

  1. Hillary sold 20% of US uranium to Russia. In return, millions were donated to the Clinton Foundation as well as Bill Clinton get paid 500k for a speech in Russsia.    According to Washington Times 

Then we have this with other foreign countries:Hillary 2


And you can’t forget the Clinton Kill List or body count:Hillary 3

then we can add this:hillary

So, tell me why isn’t Attorney General Jeff Sessions getting this woman indicted or arrested? Why haven’t we seen the Clinton Foundation being investigated? Drop the Trump witch hunt and go after the real criminals Congress. We are fed up with the bologna and want the real hot dog!



Is it real or is it fake? Julian Assange Twitter Accounts

In recent days, an imposter has opened an identical Julian Assange account and has been using it to spread fake news. (See examples below) He has hit numerous MSM accounts, polilticians, the President and even has posted on the real Julian’s twitter page. His name? @Real_Assange The problem with this is that he has literally duplicated @JulianAssange ‘s twitter account. (This is the real Assange as verified by wikileaks).

assange proof.jpg

There would be a simple solution if Julian could verify his account but unfortunately, the UK still has his ID and it is literally impossible for Julian to get a new one stuck in the Embassy. Wikileaks and Assange have been trying to verify this account since last October according to a tweet from Julian in March.  Twitter refuses to verify even though the verified @wikileaks vouches for him.

 @JulianAssange has been independently confirmed to belong to Assange by the verified WikiLeaks Twitter account, and Twitter themselves openly acknowledgedthat they are aware that @JulianAssange is Assange’s account.  (Quote from medium.com article: 

“Twitter Is Using Account Verification To Stifle Leaks And Promote War Propaganda”

Is this Twitter violating it’s own rules?

The worst part of this is the actual Julian Assange is having trouble amassing followers because he can’t verify his account.  Perhaps, if we could get twitter to acknowledge there is a problem, something could be done?  I am posting #verifyAssange in order to try to get it trending and also have written to twitter support several times on this issue. Can you help by doing so also?