Robert Mueller is A Conflict of Interest

Robert Mueller should never have even been made the special prosecutor on Trump for it’s a conflict of interest.  There are a lot of reasons but one of the main ones is his involvement with Obama, Clinton and James Comey.  That alone should dismiss him from this case. He also has ties to the DNC which automatically makes him bias.  He has appointed people underneath him who are DNC donors and also bias against Trump.  Not to mention, his involvement in the delivery of uranium to Russia. Here is a transcript from @wikileaks DF7_nRpXkAEJjR6.jpg

This definitively shows his involvement with this scandal. Mueller needs to resign because if Trump were to fire him, it makes Trump look like hes obstructing justice. Mueller’s close friendship with James Comey is the main reason for him to step down, but also the man is traitor in my opinion.

Then as this investigation progress and Mueller’s team could not find any evidence of Russian collusion, the team has now decided to investigate Trumps business as far back as ten years ago. I call this BULL CRAP!  What does his business have to do with what he was appointed for?

The whole Russian collusion thing is nothing but a conspiracy theory made up so the Democrats can have a giant “witch hunt” and it keeps the limelight off their own corrupt candidate who belongs behind bars, Hillary Clinton.

Will Mueller step down? I seriously doubt it and this witch hunt will continue through the Trump presidency I am afraid._96099143_mediaitem96099142.jpg

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