Imagine: A Story of A Man Who Gave Up His Freedom for Truth: Julian Assange

Imagine this..

A 60 square foot room and a bathroom, for five years with no ending in the future.  You have to live here with no access to the outside.  Others have to provide your basic needs such as toiletries, food etc.  Visitors are few and far between. You cannot see your family because it would put them in danger by being there.  You have children growing up without you.  No sunshine, no real exercise.  After awhile, the depression sets in and the isolation begins to change you permanently.  Because there are people watching you 24/7, the paranoia begins to set in.  People have betrayed you and lied to you.  Now, stop and think, you did nothing to put yourself in this position but expose criminal behavior.

Think about this.  Some people’s living rooms are bigger than this.  The isolation would be traumatic to say the least.  Depression and suicidal thoughts would eventually sink in as you start to feel the situation is hopeless.  Even prisoners get an hour outside every day. This is cruelty.  This is torture. This is living hell…

Now, I want you to imagine a man who uncovered some of the world’s worst corruption.  He then exposed it. He published the truth.  He knew there might be consequences but he did it anyway.  The governments he exposed call him a spy, a traitor, but never deny his accusations because they are true.

This government wants to extradite you and try you, but there are no international charges against you.  They set you up and accuse you of something you didn’t do. So, you seek political asylum.  By doing this, you find yourself stuck in this room we spoke earlier about.  Even after the allegations for the crime you didn’t commit are dropped,  the government of the country who originally arrested you says they intend to arrest you anyway.  Extradition could mean torture or worse yet death.

You gave up your freedom so other’s could be free….

How would you feel?  Would you continue your work exposing the truth?

Julian Assange has at the expense of his own freedom and life.  adb1849df941143dbig

Is there any way we can help him? He’s been fighting legally for his freedom for all this time.  Imagine the legal fees he’s encountered.

Yes we can help this man. First by writing letters to those involved from the President of the United States to the government of the UK.  Spreading the word on social media.  The biggest way to help though is to simply donate at or go to  Even 5 dollars would help in his fight for freedom. Do it today.5k in 30 days



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