Why Won’t Twitter Verify Assange and rid itself of Assange impersonators?

Many of us have been asking this for awhile now.  According to Julian, Wikileaks has been trying to get him verified since last October.  Twitter in many ways has more or less admitted @JulianAssange is the real one and yet they won’t verify him. Why?  Does it have to do with their liberal bias?  Why are they not nipping the impersonators in the bud and ridding themselves of the vermin who seek to make a joke of Wikileaks and Assange?assange proof

If they do not verify Julian, it limits the number of people who follow him which also limits his message.  It contains anything he shares to a small audience.  People question is authenticity as well.  This means Twitter is basically violating his rights to free speech and our rights to free press as well as censoring content.  Many Twitter accounts that are basically Conservative are also finding they are being censored.Julian is neither Conservative or Liberal, Republican or Democrat and yet they continue to censor his material by not verifying him.

The other issue is that impostors are spreading fake news and pretending they are him on the President’s account, other government officials, and to the media. Their are accounts are exact duplicates of his and often have names just similar enough to trick the quick reader.  This takes away from the message Julian intends to send by making him look like a liar.

This is not right and cannot be accepted by those who support him. We must insist upon the verification of Mr. Assange so that his message isn’t taken lightly or censored. We must stand up and fight for what is right!VerifyAssangeNOW

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