The Conflict in Yemen and the Needless Suffering It Has Caused: How YOU Can Help

The conflict in Yemen has many casualties, but nothing as painful as the needless deaths caused by the Cholera outbreak. Over 600,000 Yemenites are now affected, or 1 in every 45. According to the ICRC President, “The great tragedy is that this cholera outbreak is a preventable, man-made humanitarian catastrophe. It is a direct consequence of a conflict that has devastated civilian infrastructure and brought the whole health system to its knees,” said ICRC President Peter Maurer. “I find this needless suffering absolutely infuriating. The world is sleep-walking into yet more tragedy.”

Many have looked at this tragedy as something happening far off and it has been ignored. STOP with that kind of thinking…

Look at the neighbor kids are your block or the average class at an elementary school which is approximately 30 children. Now, look into their eyes and realize that those kids are no different than the innocent children in Yemen who are dying from this disease. Worse yet, imagine one of those youngsters to be one of your own.YEMEN CHOLERA PR.JPG

Now picture this child normally would have had medical aid available if it wasn’t for the war.  Fair? No, not at all.  Less than 45% of Yemen medical facilities are even operational, let alone fully functioning.  This means other diseases will soon follow.

 quotes taken from this article

“Further deaths can be prevented, but warring parties must ease restrictions and allow the import of medicines, food and essential supplies and they must show restraint in the way they conduct warfare,” said Mr Maurer.

How can we help? Follow this link and donate to this humanitarian cause.

ICRC donation page

If you cannot donate, spread the word so others can!

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