No Charges For Julian Assange petition

No charges for wikileaks or Assange petition

We the People demand that you do not arrest or charge Julian Assange for espionage. He is a journalist who has realeased the truth which he received via individuals which leaked this information to WikiLeaks. We also demand that no charges are brought up against Wikileaks staff.
These trumped up charges are in violation of the First Amendment regarding free speech and free press. By arresting Julian, you are restricting our inalienable right stated in the Constitution.
By utilizing his rights and by disclosing the truth, Assange has exposed government corruption. The people of the US stand behind him in his efforts to reveal these crimes and we believe that any charges or an arrest would only be a false accusation against an innocent man.
We petition that you oversee this done.

This is the wording of the current White House Petition that needs 100K signatures by August 10th.  It only has 201 signatures. Can anyone tell me why no one is signing this petition? I am completely disgusted with the people who call themselves supporters but really just follow him.  They eat up what he publishes like starving dogs but won’t do anything to help him in his current position.

I have repeatedly sighted the reason to support him in my blogs and on my twitter feed and yet so many who claim to be behind him really are doing nothing for his plight.  My opinion is this, if you see wrong be done to an individual and do nothing to help them, you are as guilty as the person doing the wrong!

Every day Assange is in that Embassy is on our backs because people are afraid to fight the corruption. Julian has stood up and put on his boxing gloves against the criminal activities of governments but people cannot even sign a damn petition. The only real way, Julian will ever have freedom is if we can get the US government to drop charges or allegations against him. As long as they seek to expedite to America, he will never be a truly free man. He will always have to eyes in the back of his head.

This is not right people!

I want you to imagine being in his place. Accused of a crime he did not commit by a country who sought destroy Wikileaks and gain points with the US government like a child brown nosing their teacher.  Imagine knowing you are innocent of the crimes you are accused of.  Think about being extradited to a country that is known to waterboard terrorists.  This same country is referring to you as a “cyber terrorist”.  Julian did the only thing he could do. He sought political asylum.

Now, our hero Assange lives in a room no bigger than the average living room. 14685887042109.jpg

Here is a picture of said room.  He has a single mattress he sleeps on.  Even prisoners get to go out in the exercise yards for good behavior but not Assange. The closest thing he gets is if he does a news conference off the balcony.

Sweden has dropped all allegations against our truth teller and yet, Britain holds fast to arresting if he ever steps foot outside the Embassy. For what you might ask? He missed his bail hearing or so they say.  Most would get a fine and be free, but not Julian. Why would they want to arrest him in reality? They also want to score brownie points with the most powerful government in the world by extraditing him.

The reasoning behind no extradition is simple. According to the NDAA in 2011, a person such as Assange could be held indefinitely without trial.  INDEFINITELY!  This means he could sit behind bars for the rest of his life for simply publishing the truth!  He did nothing wrong but let us know the horrors the United States government was committing. He didn’t leak the information himself. He didn’t hack it. He received it and published it and they want to bring him for a trial that may never even happen.

Would he be treated decently? I doubt it. Our government, especially the CIA is known for violation human rights on a regular basis.  Julian Assange deserves the nobel peace prize and medals, not to be insitutionalized very possibly on Gitmo.

So this is why I wrote the petition. This is why you should sign it. IMAGINE if it was you!

When and if you do sign this as a true America who believes in the truth, make sure to verify your signature in your email.  I know I appreciate every signature and I am sure he will too!

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