What Has President Trump Done Since Taking Office? Plenty

trump_flag_hug.pngFirst I am going to share a meme that includes a great deal of the accomplishment since office and promises kept. There are a few things he is struggling with because the GOP isn’t willing to do what they promised but he has done an incredible amount for six months in office.



He is also working on getting a better deal from NAFTA and they have begun building the WALL in Texas.  He negotiated a cease fire with Russia’s Vladmir Putin and removed us from the Paris Climate Deal which was nothing but a redistribution of our wealth. He attended the G20 Summit and visited the Middle East including Israel and Saudi Arabia and just recently went to France and met with Macron.

President Trump inherited a mess, possibly the biggest in history and he has gotten nothing but hatred from the left and flack about Russia. It’s time the idiots on both sides realize that We The People are not going to let them derail the Trump train and that we are demanding the Swamp called DC be drained.

To our Congress men and women:

Know that We The People are taking our country back with or without you.  You decide which side you are on, the citizens or the globalists and socialists but we will vote at the polls and get rid of those who do nothing for this country. We are fed up and we are not putting up with the joke you have made the USA.

To My Fellow Americans:

Stand strong as you have so far and keep fighting. We got this!  #MAGAamerican-flag-graphic-cat.jpg

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