Hillary is Guilty of Collusion, Not Trump

Since the Main Stream Media just won’t let it go even after Congressional Hearing and Hearing, I decided it is time I write about the one who is truly guilty of Collusion with Russia. Let’s just share some of the facts:

  1. Hillary sold 20% of US uranium to Russia. In return, millions were donated to the Clinton Foundation as well as Bill Clinton get paid 500k for a speech in Russsia.    According to Washington Times 

Then we have this with other foreign countries:Hillary 2


And you can’t forget the Clinton Kill List or body count:Hillary 3

then we can add this:hillary

So, tell me why isn’t Attorney General Jeff Sessions getting this woman indicted or arrested? Why haven’t we seen the Clinton Foundation being investigated? Drop the Trump witch hunt and go after the real criminals Congress. We are fed up with the bologna and want the real hot dog!



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