Why Malcolm Turnbull Needs to Visit Julian Assange

In light of the recent tweet by Assange asking Prime Minister Turnbull to visit him at the embassy, I decided to explain why he should.

  1. Julian Assange is one of the most well known and revered citizens of Australia and yet Turnbull has done nothing to help him in his situation.
  2. Visiting Assange at the embassy would show Malcolm cares about the people and their situations.
  3. Australia needs to stand up to the US government and the UK and say enough is enough.
  4.  Julian has been detained for 5 years over a case that no longer exists and deserves his human rights to be free and Turnbull must understand this.
  5. Visiting Assange would show he supports him and would help turn the tables in Julians favor.
  6. Isn’t visiting someone like Julian who is in political asylum for sharing the truth a good idea in showing support for the truth?
  7. This would also show that the Prime Minister supports the rights to free speech and free press.

Dear Prime Minister Turnbull,

If you truly want to see a difference in the world and the way it is governed, visiting Assange would show that you truly care about your citizens and the world. Don’t be a chicken and do what is right. Wikileaks and Julian Assange are all we have to expose the corruption in government and by not standing beside your citizens, you show your true colors

Julian Assange should walk free video

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