More Poetry

In the Night

Darkness all around me, the gathering shadows of the night
Whispers of romance and lust in the pale moonlight
Stars shining brightly, a cool wind in the air
Blue eyes sparkle as he runs his hand through my hair
When night falls I long to be held so close in his arms
Sheltered from the storm, safe from all harm
My heart once broken by the night full of thieves
I’ve gotten so lost in their webs of deceit…
Once I was missing the thing that I have craved most
But it’s touched me at last, because love is like a ghost
Sliding through the curtain of my heart like the wind and rain
Still so uncertain that he won’t hurt me, cause me much pain
Fear of betrayal, like the hunted seeking the light
Hunger for his passion, so deep in the night…

Aching Emptiness

I feel an aching emptiness in my bones,
I hate being with someone, but I hate bei ng alone
I stare off into the southern sky,
the world so cold
Late at night I dream of the man to have, to hold
My heart can be so dark, no trust that I can see
But deep inside I know I need someone to love me
Tomorrow is another day to hope and to dream..
But all this aching loneliness makes me want to scream…
So I will go on surviving because I choose to live
And hope that one day to my husband my heart I will give…



Betrayal is what I see, tomorrow and today
What’s happened to me, joy always fleeting, never wanting to stay
I used to have dreams, plans and hope
Now it’s all I can do just to survive and cope
It’s not just men, or my job or my friends
It’s the forever cycle of betrayal, world without end…
How can I smile, be full of cheer, when I can never trust
It’s so much easier not to care, leave it at lust
So much pain, bitterness, tears and agony
That’s all I can find inside, so this poem must be a tragedy…

When love and hate are one


Tonight I realized how hopeless my love is to you
you see everything in my life now belongs to you
Devotion will keep me hanging on but I know you dont feel the same way
Though i pray for your heart every single day
\When I am in your arms, so safe so warm so complete
I don’ think about how I am completely helpless at your feet
But I am alone now, with nothing but the memory of your sweet touch
why cant you love me back? I love you so much

Helpless and Alone

Helpless and alone I stand watching you walk away
I would do just about anything for one more day
My heart lies broken and bruised
I am tired of being used
I fell in love with you, you are such a good man
I think you had feelings too, but you turn and ran
now I am here, brokenhearted, in agony
knowing deep down inside you will never love me
I can hear your voice, though it is just a whisper in the night
as my soul lies dying and yours takes flight
Tomorrow there will be no sun, it all seems so bleak
how will I survive another tortured week?
Your heart is cold as ice, turned to stone
as I stand here helpless and alone

No Words

I have no words to describe what I feel inside
the cavern in my heart is a mile wide
the emptiness will not got away
I keep thinking give me one more day
I wanted to hold what I have lost
if I could I’d change this no matter what the cost
a little heartbeat gone, never to be
I’ve lost everything can’t you see
I cant blame him for not being there
it’s not his fault that he didn’t even care
I am so broken, agony runs through my heart
I want to tell you what I am feeling but I dont know where to start
why did this happen, what did I do
is it because I chose to love you?
No words will come out, nothing makes any sense
so now I will do my time just to finish this sentence
goodbye maybe forever I really dont know
but I cant write anymore I have to go
I will always love you til the day I die
and I leave you with a simple question WHY?

Poem About Love

The sweet taste of his soft lips, tenderly softly against mine

His hands in my hair as our bodies entwine

The longing in his eyes, something so rare

in his arms there is nothing that compares

a soft touch, a smile, something I miss

my arms around him as we kiss

So far away yet so near in my heart

the hardest thing was when I had to depart

Memories break me, your heart was so true

and now all I have is your I love you

you’re breaking my heart

sad to say goodbye

Til Death Do We Part…images


Julian Assange:Hero or Madman?

In a recent post on Vox, British Journalist Andrew O’Hagan, a former ghost writer for Julian Assange discussed his opinion of Assange in full detail. He has written a book entitled “The Secret Life” and discusses his conclusion/opinion of Julian in a very hateful way. Calling Julian narcisstic and mad, he berates him in epic proportions as a man with too much pride and as thinking of himself as Jesus. One of the quotes in which he describes the WikiLeaks founder is “And all his life he has depended on being the impish one, the eccentric one, the boy with a bag full of Einstein who enjoyed climbing trees.” He claims that Assange edits wikileaks reports to suit his purpose and that he talks over anyone he speaks to.

The side we see is the man who was falsely accused of raping two women in Sweden (which the inquiry has now been dropped), has published numerous publications on the CIA, Hillary Clinton emails, John Podesta emails and has opened other governments through the leaks he receives. Some see him as a hero, others as a madman or a spy.  But really, who is he? Is he as prideful and narcisstic as O”Hagan claims? Is he truly an eccentric madman? Is he a computer geek turned journalist hero?

The only experience I have had with Assange, he thanked me for my support.  From what I have gathered in looking for more information, he seems to be quite socially inept in certain situations but not afraid to speak his mind.  I have often hoped to travel to England to the Embassy in which he resides currently as a political refugee and ask him some very important questions about himself.

His biography leaves you wondering who he is.  Is he as secretive as it appears? Is he really a womanizer? Is he really as over-confident as some lead us to believe.  Is he a hero looking to expose government corruption or a power hungry fool? Does Julian have a Messiah complex? Who is Julian Assange?

I would like to believe that Julian is a good person and a hero. To me, he is the hero who saved the US from Hillary Clinton and the total destruction of what our country stands for.  He has put his life on the line to share the truth regardless of the consequence and has obtained many enemies.  You would have to truly believe in yourself and your cause to stand up like he has.  Madman? Possibly but still a hero.