The Truth About the Number 13

why is 13 an unlucky number?

I decided to look this up.  I wanted to know why Friday the 13th was considered unlucky and why people hated using the number 13 in motel rooms etc.  This is what I found….

FIrst off, there were 13 in attendance at the Last Supper and it is believed that Judas Iscariot sat in the 13th seat.  After dipping bread with Jesus, Satan entered him and he went and betrayed Jesus.  Then there were only 12 eating.  Interesting huh?

On Friday, October 13th, 1307, the Knights of the Templar were ordered to be arrested by Philip the fourth for various acts of heresy.  The Knights of the Templar were believed to be Christians. Upon being found of supposed heresy they were burnt at the stake!  Therefore, Friday the 13th was a very unlucky day for those involved.

A recent incident which only makes you wonder is the fact the Apollo 13 was the only unsuccessful mission that tried to land on the moon.

In Norse legend, there were 12 gods having a feast when the god Loki interrupted their dinner.  Loki was the 13th to attend when the god Baldr was killed with an arrow made of mistletoe. His death marked the beginning of the end of everything. Therefore 13 was the unlucky number in that case.

In truth, 13 is just another number.  Superstition has led us to believe it is a bad number.  History has only backed this superstition up.

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