The US Government and YOU

Our government is the most powerful one on earth. Some may debate this but it’s the truth. It also has the most corruption, greed and control of anything on earth.  No one in their right mind wants to go to war with the US.  The corruption and greed crosses both party lines and infiltrates even the best people. I think most politicians go in thinking they can change the world and come out with their pockets filled with money and a hunger for more power. Let me explain…

There is something in our country called the Deep State or a shadow government. This is a body of powerful, rich people who use this to their advantage to get what they want done.  Here is the definition of what deep state is:

deep state
 a body of people, typically influential members of government agencies or the military, believed to be involved in the secret manipulation or control of government policy
I think the Bildeberg’s and the Illuminati are part of this deep state but I also believe the CIA is up to it’s butt cheeks in this. They hold the reins and control the government. Black mail, bribes and outright threats are the name of the game and they have plenty of moves in their little sack of tricks.  If you could look into anyone and know everything about them, don’t you think you would find the skeletons in their closet? The deep state uses the skeletons to their advantage to manipulate and control.
I believe when the CIA formed, we the people lost any power we may have once had. I believe the families of the Illuminati planned on taking over power here. People generally aren’t hard to figure out. Find out what motivates them and you can control what they do. That’s really what the Central Intelligence Agency does.  Whether it’s the love of money, trying to keep something secret or protecting their families, they know how manipulate anyone they want to.
This is scary and you should be terrified.  Knowing that the CIA could even be watching every move you make should not only upset you but put you on your guard.
Recently, wikileaks and Julian Assange published a series of leaks concerning the Deep State and the CIA called Vault 7.  In these leaks you will see how the government spies on you through every computer you own and how the government even can control your vehicle in order to make it crash. Don’t believe me? Go to and find out for yourself.
The only thing we can really do is expose this hidden evil and work to put the darkness into the light.  We need to educate ourselves and be on the look out for things the government is hiding from us. When we do see something that is wrong, we need to report it.  Not to the MSM, because they are also run by the deep state, but to appropriate organizations such as wikileaks or an independent news organization like InfoWars.
In conclusion, ask yourself this question…
Are you watching your television or is it watching you?

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