Supporting Wikileaks and Julian Assange

Fact: 90% of people who read wikileaks documents do not support them financially or via petition.  On twitter alone, WL has over 2 million followers. Out of those 2 million a petition written to support Julian and other journalists only received 1800 signatures.  People, you want the truth but don’t want to have to stand up for those who give it to you! I am disgusted!

Most of the journalists risk life or limb to bring you what they do, especially those affiliated with Wikileaks.  If you can’t donate a few dollars to help them with legal fees or sign a petition, something is wrong with you.  DO you pay for internet access to read those files?  

Are you afraid of repercussions?  Are you afraid that your John Henry is going to get you in trouble? By the way, you have a Constitutional right to support Freedom of Speech and Press which is covered under the First Amendment.  Our founding fathers didn’t fight for freedom for nothing.

It’s so easy to say “Yeah I agree with what they are doing” and sit back in your comfort zone and watch the world go by isn’t it?  Personally, I am going to write my Congress people, write the DOJ and the President until something is done. I am going to start petition after petition until Assange and Wikileaks are vindicated.  You can go ahead and spend your life in your cozy recliner, but I am going to fight!

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