Julian Assange:Hero or Madman?

In a recent post on Vox, British Journalist Andrew O’Hagan, a former ghost writer for Julian Assange discussed his opinion of Assange in full detail. He has written a book entitled “The Secret Life” and discusses his conclusion/opinion of Julian in a very hateful way. Calling Julian narcisstic and mad, he berates him in epic proportions as a man with too much pride and as thinking of himself as Jesus. One of the quotes in which he describes the WikiLeaks founder is “And all his life he has depended on being the impish one, the eccentric one, the boy with a bag full of Einstein who enjoyed climbing trees.” He claims that Assange edits wikileaks reports to suit his purpose and that he talks over anyone he speaks to.

The side we see is the man who was falsely accused of raping two women in Sweden (which the inquiry has now been dropped), has published numerous publications on the CIA, Hillary Clinton emails, John Podesta emails and has opened other governments through the leaks he receives. Some see him as a hero, others as a madman or a spy.  But really, who is he? Is he as prideful and narcisstic as O”Hagan claims? Is he truly an eccentric madman? Is he a computer geek turned journalist hero?

The only experience I have had with Assange, he thanked me for my support.  From what I have gathered in looking for more information, he seems to be quite socially inept in certain situations but not afraid to speak his mind.  I have often hoped to travel to England to the Embassy in which he resides currently as a political refugee and ask him some very important questions about himself.

His biography leaves you wondering who he is.  Is he as secretive as it appears? Is he really a womanizer? Is he really as over-confident as some lead us to believe.  Is he a hero looking to expose government corruption or a power hungry fool? Does Julian have a Messiah complex? Who is Julian Assange?

I would like to believe that Julian is a good person and a hero. To me, he is the hero who saved the US from Hillary Clinton and the total destruction of what our country stands for.  He has put his life on the line to share the truth regardless of the consequence and has obtained many enemies.  You would have to truly believe in yourself and your cause to stand up like he has.  Madman? Possibly but still a hero.


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