The Reason I Voted Trump

I suppose I could go on for a few days on this subject, but one of the main reasons I started supporting him was that he isn’t a career politician. In fact, in my opinion the name statesman is more appropriate. In the following paragraphs I will give my arguments in support of the greatest President of my life time.

Donald Trump is a successful businessman who knows how to negotiate deal.  He doesn’t just go out and say, “Hey you supported me in the election so I will give the business to you.”  He looks for the most inexpensive way to do things, which we desperately need right now as a country. The less something costs, the sooner we will get our debt down.

He also doesn’t believe in Big Gov’t.  The less employees it takes to get a job done, the more the taxpayers save and the more our 19 trillion dollar debt disappears.  He is cutting government spending, cutting jobs that don’t need to be there, and cutting our aid to foreign countries. Why should we support foreign countries who hate us? Why should we send money to other countries, when we can’t support our own?

I also supported Trump because he promised to bring back jobs to America. During the Obama presidency we lost over 60,000 companies that moved to Mexico, China or another country.  More are threatening. Before he was even inaugurated, Donald saved over 100,000 jobs from leaving America. He also has promised that if a company chooses to leave, he will impose a 35% import tax on all their goods.

Trump is renegotiating NAFTA and has dumped the Pacific Trade Agreement that would’ve only hurt our already hurting economy.  Barack Obama brags that he created jobs.  THe only jobs that were created were part time jobs or contract jobs with noe benefits or very little. We need our good jobs back, with good benefits and great pay.  Donald Trump promises to create jobs and do it bigly.

As President, DJT has also stopped funding Planned Parenthood, an organization that promotes abortion. Some say they provide women’s health, but call them and ask about mammograms. They promote abortions over anything else.  You local health department also provides mammograms, free birth control and pap smears. Planned Parenthood also sells body parts.This is an evil, selfish organization that supports murdering the innocent. Unborn babies have no rights in their eyes all the way to the day of birth, which is supported by Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of Hillary, she is another reason I voted for Trump. One of the most evil, vile politicians I have ever heard of in my life time.  Just take a look at Benghazi, or her deleted emails, or pizzagate.  Also her helping a rapist go free, and I am not speaking of just Bill. She advocates open borders, more Muslim refugees and NWO global government.  She has nothign on her resume to show for 30 years of politics and then there is the Clinton Foundation and pay to play.  Or what about sending ISIS and Muslim extremists arms? She and Obama literally created ISIS.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that these are the main reasons I supported Trump. Pluse I am a Christian, and so is he. Also, he is one of the most compassionate, moral driven men I have ever seen. If only Congress had more men like him in it.160118134132-donald-trump-nigel-parry-large-169

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