Peter and His Faith

Jesus Walking on Water

Peter’s faith

Ever read the passage about Peter coming out of the boat to walk on the water with Jesus? His faith got him out of the boat. A lot of people read this passage and only pay attention to the fact that Peter’s lack of faith made him sink. But think about this…

None of the other disciples even asked to do so. They stayed in the boat where they knew it was safe. Peter stepped out on faith and then doubted. How many of us have really stepped out on faith and left the safety and comfort of our lives?

Could you really leave the security of your home and job and go out on faith and follow God? Do you remember the story of the rich young ruler? Jesus said to be a true follower of him he would have to give up everything he owned. The rich young ruler was sad because he was a very rich man.

Some would give up that much but would you stand up and talk about Jesus without worrying about being labeled a fanatic? If necessary, would we go to our deaths so as to not deny our faith?

Before we judge Peter for any of his faults or even his lack of faith, let’s examine our own lives and give more of it to God and less to the pursuit of the mighty dollar.

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